Company A Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company A of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company A of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved

Alexander John H - Private

Allen A - Private

Allen Charles - Private

Allen Noah - Private

Allen S R - Private

Aman John - Private

Aman William B - Private

Andress E T - Corporal

Anraw John - Private

Anraw William B - Private

Antley (Antly) Emanuel (A. Manuel) - Private

Armstrong Thomas - Private

Balcomb (Balkom/Balkum) Benjamin J (K) - Private

Balcomb (Balkom/Balkum) John William - Private

Balcomb (Balkom/Balkum) Joseph I (Joseph D) - Private

Balcomb (Balkom/Balkum) James A - Private

Baldwin William J - Private

Banister William J - Private

Barnett William B - Private

Beaman U - Private

Beard James R (P) (A) (K) - Private

Benton J B - Corporal

Best Seaborn B - Private

Betterton Allen Mitchell - Private

Bodiford J J - Private

Bodiford (sic Bodifow) Isaiah J - Private

Bond J D - Private

Box Shadrack A - Private

Bradford (sic Brdiford) Isaac (Isiah) J - Private

Bradley William Edmund - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Brooks Floyd T - Private

Brooks J T - Private

Browder George W - 4th Sergeant

Brown E S - 2nd Sergeant

Brown Jasper (W) (M) - Private

Brown William J - Private

Bruner Jesse (Dr) - Recruit

Bruner (Brewer/Breever) George W - 4th Sergeant

Brunson Joel E - Private

Buckner (sic Bubkner) Pleasant - Private

Butler R A - Private

Buxton (sic Braxton/Burton) John B - 4th Corporal-3rd Corporal

Cadish Benjamin - Rank Unknown

Calhoun Jacob - Private

Callen (Callin/Calden) Thomas E. W. - Private

Cameron (Carmeron) Angus (Anges) - Private

Candlish Alexander - Private

Carlisle Joseph ("Joe") Alexander - Private-1st Sergeant

Carlisle (Carlile) Benjamin - Private

Carpenter John A - 2nd Lieutenant

Chambers I L - Private

Chamby Isaac S - Corporal

Chandler A Z - Private

Collier J B - Private

Collinsworth Whitson - Private

Cook John Wesley - Private

Corley H B - Private

Corley J F - Private

Culpepper William Wesley - Private

Cummings R B - Private

Curtis T N - Private

Darby William - Private

Darden Richard - Private

Davis Albert S - Private

Davis Saliman (Soliman) - Private

Davis W M - Sergeant

Dawsey James Michael - Private

Dawsey (sic Dorsey) Thomas Jefferson - Private

Deal Asa - Private

Deal Caleb - Corporal

Deal Ezekiel - Private

Deal George - Private

Dennis J B - Private

Dickey Joshua D. W. - Private

Dickey Thomas S - Private

Douglas S B - Private

Douglas A M. L. - Private

Drewitt C F - Private

Duncan Elias G - Private

Duncan (Dunkin) James M - Private

Duncan (Dunn) H M - Private

Dunn William A - Private

Durden B W - Private

Edge William J - Private

Exell (Ezell?) H D - Private

Farrile (Farrill) L B - Private

Fielding John E - 5th Sergeant-3rd Sergeant

Floyd M W - Private

Forrester (Forester) Benjamin ("Singing Ben") Albert - Private

Forrester (Forester) (Forrister) Joseph Duncan (sic W) - Private

Foster J D - Private

Free William F - Private

Galloway Hubbard J - Private

Galloway William J ("Jim?") - Private

Galoway (Galloway?) W - Private

Gamble William J - Private

Gileding John - Private SEE record of John Fielding

Gill George (Leroyo) D - Private

Gill William R - Corporal

Gilmore J G (B) - Corporal

Givens William - Private

Glover Nathan Fowler - Private

Goins James - Private

Goins William - Private

Gray Joseph (James) (Jos/Jas?) M - 4th Corporal-3rd Corporal

Green James E - Private

Green (Greene) Moses B - Captain

Griffin James - Private

Griffin John G - 3rd Corporal

Grimes C W - Private

Grover D P - Private

Haddox E G - Private

Hall James R (D) - Private

Hall M T - Private

Halstead Caleb O - Private

Halton Lewis - Private

Ham Ambrose - Private

Hamilton Loyd Jackson (D) (I) - Private

Hancock Bryant - Private

Hancock John - Private

Harman A - Private

Harris Cary (Carey) A - Private

Harvell David - Private

Hasten Z (Zachariah?) - Private

Hatte (SEE ALSO "HUTTO") William J - Private

Hawkins J A - Private

Helton John - Private

Helton William A - Private

Henderson John W - Private

Herington (Herrington) Ephram (Ephriam) - Private

Herndon G S - Private

Hickman Robert (sic K) M - Private

Hicks (Hix) William Aster - Private

Hightower W B - 1st Sergeant

Hilson (Heilson) Edmund (Edward) - Private

Hilson (Heilson) John L - Private

Hilson (Heilson?) William H - Private

Hilton W A - Private

Holland Jesse - Private

Holland John - Private

Holland (sic Howland) Spenser R (B) - Private

Holton David - Private

Holton E C - Private

Holton Mark - Private

Holton Uriah - Private

Holton William - Private

Holton William - Private

Holton Lewis - Private

Hooten D W - 1st Sergeant

Hooten H C - Private

Hooten R D - Private

Howard David - Private

Howell David C - Private

Howell Martin V(sic W) - Private

Hughes John A - Private

Hulton W A - Private

Hunt J - Private

Hutto (Hutte) William J - Private

Jackson A H - Private

Jackson John W. W. - Captain

Jackson R G - Private

Jeffries D N - Private

Johnson Green Berry - Private

Johnson James E - Private

Johnston D Y - Corporal

Joiner A A - Private

Jones Isaac N - 4th Corporal

Jones Rufus H - Private

Jones Septimus L (F) - Private

Jordan Daniel - Private

Jordan Joshua - Private

Jordan J. W. P. - Private

Jordon Francis - Private

Jordon Wiley F. Jr - Private

Kelly Andrew Jackson - Private

Kelly T W - Corporal

Kelly William R. Jr. - Private-Corporal

Kindred G W - Private

King George W - Private

Kirkland William B - Private

Knight Thomas D (O) - 3rd Sergeant

Lawrence J M - Private

Lawrence J W - Private

Leggett (Legett) Thomas F - Private

Leonard Levin M - Private

Majors Samuel A - Private-Ord. Sergeant (Ordnance Sergeant/Orderly Sergeant?)

McCoy C F - Private

McDuffie W F - 4th Sergeant

McGray James - Corporal

McKissack (McKeesack) (sic McKendell) Alford (Alfred) L - Private

McKissack (McKeesick) John W - Private

McPherson J T - Private

Mears (Merers) Ebenezer C - Private

Mendheim Isidore (Isador) - Private

Merritt Samuel H - Private

Miller Henry - Private

Mimms Nathan K - Private

Mixon (Mixan) James D - Private

Monk Marion - Private

Monk Thomas R. Jr. - Private

Murphree (Murphrey?) J D - Corporal

Murphy Joseph (sic G) M - 1st Sergeant (Orderly Sergeant)

Murphy (Murphree?) James D - Private-1st Corporal

Nall Floyd - Private

Nall (Nail) Merril (Merrill) - Private

Newton George - Private

Nichols (Nickols) Noah - Private

Nordan Lewis (sic S) Washington - Private

Nordan William Irvin (J) - Private

Parker Francis M - Private

Parker John D - Private-Corporal

Parker John ("Uncle John") D - Private-1st Corporal

Parker Salathiel (Solatheio) ("Sol") F - Private

Parker William H - Private

Parmer (sic Partner) George C - Private

Patillo (Pattillo) William T - 1st Lieutenant

Peal C - Corporal

Pellum Hanceford (Hansford) D - Private

Pellum Joel A - Private-Corporal

Pellum John M - Private

Perryman Jeptha (sic Joseph) V - 3rd Lieutenant-2nd Lieutenant

Phipps Robert L (G) - 1st Lieutenant

Phipps (sic Phiffs) Andrew J (K) (sic G) - Private

Pitts W W - Private

Raines (Rains) L W - Private

Raney (sic Raines) S B - Private

Rhodes Calvin, Jr. - Private

Rhodes Calvin, Sr. - Private

Riley (Wriley) Jno (John) E - Private

Robertson F N - Private

Sanders (Saunders) James (Dr.) M - Private-Sergeant

Sanders (Saunders) Robert G - Private

Sanders (Saunders) William E - 5th Sergeant

Sawell (Sowell) (Sewell?) T C (S) - Sergeant

Sellers (Sellars) James R. E. - Private

Sewell (Sowell?/Sawell?) Uriah - Private

Sharp J A - Private

Shaw William F - Private

Shellhouse Samson - Private

Simmons J D - Private

Singletary (sic Singleton) Samuel ("Tuck")("Tup") Marion (L) - Private-2nd Sergeant

Skinner A - Private

Skinner J P - Private

Small Uriah - Private

Smith Francis M - Private

Snell E J - Private

Snellings William - Private

Spann W F - Private

Spears Henry W - Private

Spears L - Private

Stanford Thomas H - Private

Stanford (Standford) Lafayette A - Private

Stanton J S - Private

Stripling J T - Private

Turner J - Private

Vann (Van) (Vaughn?) John H - Private

Vaughan James W - 2nd Corporal

Watson Thomas - Private

Wilkins J W - Private

Wolf Henry W - Private

Wood Alonzo Bazilla - Private

Wood William Asberry - Private

Woodhamn William A - Private

Wright Benjamin A - Private

Yonge (sic Tonge/Konge) Henry A -2nd Sergeant-2nd Lieutenant

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