Company B Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company B of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company B of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved

Adair (Adar) Johnathan J (W) - Private

Adams Middleton - Private

Adams W. - Private

Alender W J - Private

Barclay John - Private

Barron James F - Private

Beck Samuel - Private

Bice Theron - Private

Birchfield Perry F - Private

Bishop Henry Terrell - 3rd Corporal

Bishop J W - Private

Bishop William - 5th Sergeant

Blanks Andrew J - Private

Blanks William Ervin - Private

Blun S A - Private

Bozeman Nathan E - Private

Bozeman (Bussman) Theodore G (J) - Private-4th Corporal

Branch Henry - Private

Branch James C (E) - Private

Brand John M - Private

Brimm William H - Private

Browder Hardy - Private

Bruster (Brewster) John L - Private

Bryan (Brian/Bryant) (sic Bruster) Gabral (Gabriel) - Private

Burgess J M - Private

Burnett (Bennett) James W - Private

Carlisle Allen - Private

Carter George Washington - Private

Carter James - Private

Carter John A (T) - Private

Carter John C - Private

Champion Andrew J - Private

Champion William W - Private

Childs Simeon Washington - Private

Chisolm John H - Private

Concert (Cowset/Cowsert/Clousent/Camsent) (Cowart?) John (Johnathan) W - Private

Conner Aaron (Arsen) Bird - Private

Conner Andrew M - Private

Cook James - Private

Cooley Hughey F - Private

Corban (Carbin) Emanuel (Emanual) - Private

Cox Jeremiah ("Jerry") E - Private-3rd Sergeant

Cox John ("Little John") B - Private

Cox Samuel E - Private

Craddock Thomas H - Private

Crockett J - Private

Crook J B - Private

Crook William H - Private

Cullage William - Private

Culpepper Francis Marion - Private

Culpepper John Malcolm - Private

Culpepper Robert Jefferson ("Jeff") - Private

Culpepper William Araspes - Private

Culpepper William Washington - Private

Danielly (Danelly/Donnelly) John Andrew (D) - Private

Davis John J - Private

Davis John O - 1st Lieutenant-Captain

Denney (Denny) (sic Penny/Dennis) David Manuel - 4th Sergeant

Dingler James H (W) - Private

Dominy Benjamin Madison - Private

Duncan George W - Private

Dunn Richard J. J. (J. H.) - Private

Dunson James M - 1st Corporal

Dyess B J (John) - Private

Dyess R H - Private

Eason Ashley - Private

Eason (Esson) Stephen - Private

East William P - Private

Elmore Andrew Jackson - Private

Evans Elisha (Elijah) J - Private-5th Sergeant

Fargason (sic Ferguson) Francis Marion - Private

Filenghame (Fellingham/Fillingham/Fillingin/Fleming) Robert S - 1st Corporal

Floyd Davis - 2nd Sergeant

Floyd Thomas M - Private

Flozea Unknown - Sergeant

Foster John T (L) - Private-Corporal

Freeman Reuben T - Private

Fuller Joseph J - Private

Green Edgar (sic Eaca) W - Private

Green Joel (Joseph) G - Private

Green (Greene) Alexander ("Alex"/"Alec"/"Aleck") A Lieutenant Colonel

Grice (sic Guce/Gnce) John Jackson - Private

Hamilton Floyd J - Private

Hamilton James P (M) - Private

Hamilton Loyd Jackson (D) (I) - Private

Hammock Ephraim - Private

Hamner Lovic (Luvick) (Ludvick) P - Captain

Hand Elihu (Elisha) - Private

Hand Isaac H - Private

Hand William J - Private

Handcock Elisha - Private

Harris William J - Private

Hartsfield J (James/John) T - Private

Hartsfield James (Joseph/John) H - Private

Hill David - 2nd Corporal

Hill Gibson F - 2nd Lieutenant

Holland William W - Rank Unknown

Jennings Archibald J - Private-Corporal

Johnson George M. T. (W) - Private

Johnson James H (sic M) - Private-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant-Captain

Johnson William - Private

Johnson (Johnston) James A - Private

Johnson (Johnston) Samuel Suggs - Private

Joiner James M - Private

Jones James M - Private

Jordan Christoper ("Chris") C - Private

Jordan (Jordon) Christopher ("Kit") Edward - Private

Jordan (Jordon) Dennis Rivers - Private

Jordan (Jordon) W S - Private

Jowers James - Private

Kerr Johnathan Logan - Private

Kimball (Kimbal) (Kimble) Francis Marion - Private-2nd Lieutenant

Kirkland (Kirklin/Kirklan) James - Private

Kirkland William - Private

Landrum (Landron) John T - Private

Laney Eli - Private

Laney Nicholas - Private

Lassiter (Lasseter) William M. - Private

Lewis Augustus - Private

Lewis James J - Private

Lewis John W - Private

Lewis Jones F (sic T) - Private

Lewis Thomas Henry - 3rd Sergeant

Lingo Richard B - Private

Love Joel M - Private

Lucus (Lucas) John T - Private

Malear Cornelius S - Private

Mathison (Matheson) George Washington - Private

Matthews Isaac P - 4th Sergeant

McCrary A B - Private

McDaniel T ("Bud") J - Private

McDaniel (McDanell) George W - Private

McNeil (McNeill) Gerard B - Private

Middlebrooks (Middlebrook) Elijah Edmund - Private

Milam Benjamin Harris - Private

Milam William A - Private

Miller G L - Private

Miller William J - Private

Moon G T - Private

Moore James - Private

Moore Marcas D. L. - Private

Morris Jefferson ("Jeff") D - Private

Motley James Coleman - Private

Motley John D - Private

Oliver Augustus - Private

Oliver C C - Private

Orr (Owens?) Burrell (Beryl) - Private-2nd Lieutenant

Page William A - Private

Parker William M - Private

Patterson A - Corporal

Peacock F D - Private

Peacock William J - Private

Pearson Christopher ("Chris") C - Private

Pearson H (Eiram) D - Private

Pearson Jeremiah ("Jerry") - Private

Pearson (Pierson) Jesse - Private

Peavy (Peary/Perry?) Freeman B - Private

Ponder Edwin (Edward) H (Walter) - Private-3rd Lieutenant-2nd Lieutenant

Ponder William (sic H) J - Private

Prather Isreal W - Private

Price A C - Private

Price William Asa - Private

Price William T - Private

Radney (Rodney) John M - Private

Radney (Rodney) William A - Private

Reynolds Robert J - Private

Roberts W J - Private

Robertson James W - Private-Sergeant

Robertson William J - Private

Robertson Wyatt (Wyatte) (Wyat) A - Private

Rossmann (Rosmann) Theo J - Private

Seats (Sears) Stephen J - Private

Sellers James Monroe - Private

Sessions Christoper ("Chris") Columbus (C. C.) - Private

Sessions Willis (sic William) Daniel - Private

Shipes Nathan - Private

Simpson Charles K (R) - Private

Smith Allen J - Private

Smith Henry Givens - Private

Smith Littleton M - Private

Smith Seaborn (Seaborne) - Private

Smith W - Private

South Benjamin J - Private

South Sterling - Private

Stalvy John - Private

Stanford J M - Private

Stephens Isaac H - Private

Stephens Tubal (Jubal) C - Private

Stephens Zach H - Private

Stevens (Stephens?) C - Private

Strickland Thomas Jefferson ("Jef") - 1st Sergeant

Taylor Francis Marion - Private

Thompson George W - Private

Thompson James Lorenzo - Private

Trammell John Marion - Private-2nd Lieutenant (Regimental Mail Carrier)

Triplet John Wesley - Private

Welch Edmund (Edmun) G - Private

Whatley Gibson F (Felix?) - Private

Williams Solomon - Private

Wilson Thomas E - Sergeant

Wood (sic Word) Elisha (Elijah) - Private

Worthy Henry C - Private

Wright Benjamin A - Private

Wright Levin G (V) - Private-4th Sergeant

Yates James M - Private

Yates John - Private

Two unidentified members of Company B were mentioned as having been captured and paroled 24 Aug 1862 by Federal forces while the regiment was encamped near Columbus MS. According to the 7 Aug 1902 edition of the WEEKLY ENTERPRISE, the entry reads "... Aug. 24. Two men from Capt. Hamner’s Company, "B," who had been absent for three days, came in to-day and reported that they had been captured by Yankee pickets and released on parole..."

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