Company C Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company C of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company C of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved:

Alford Augustus (August) O (A) Private-1st Corporal-2nd Lieutenant

Aman John - Private

Aman Lemuel - Private

Avery James W - Private

Ballard H B - Private

Ballard Presley - Private

Barnes John T - Private

Barnes (sic Burns) William H - Private

Barnett James R - Lieutenant

Beard James R (P) (A) (K) - Private

Beck Samuel - Private

Bedgood (sic Redgood?) S Jasper (T) (C) - Private

Bell J Mc (M. C.) - Private

Berden W P - Private

Bergin (Burgin) William - Private

Blackman Jesse - Private

Blackman William D (S) - Private-Sergeant

Blackman (Blackmon) J. H. A. - Private

Blackman (Blackmon) John - Private

Blakeny (Blakeney) A J - Private

Blakins J H - Private

Boyn W F - Private

Bozeman Chelsey (Charles) ("Charley") Whitfield - Private

Bozeman James H - Private

Bracken (Brackin) James - 4th Corporal/Drummer

Bradshaw John Thomas - 1st Corporal

Branan G F - Private

Brian (Bryan?/Briant?/Bryant?) B (P) - Private

Brightwell L (Len) Reynolds (sic Burnel) - Private

Brundedge (Brundage) (Brundidge) Joseph - Private

Bruner (Brewer / Breever) George W - 4th Sergeant

Bryan Benjamin (Benjimin) - Private

Bryan Gyles F - Private

Bryan Henry C - Private

Bryan Joseph F - Private

Bryan Preston H Private-Corporal

Bryan William F - Private

Buckner (sic Bubkner) Pleasant - Private

Burnett James R - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant-Captain

Cameron Archibald Hugh - Private

Candler R B - Private

Carpenter M J - Private

Carroll (Carol) Thomas - Private-Sergeant

Carter John C - Private

Castleberry J M. P. (W. P.) - Private

Clark John - Private

Clark W C - Private

Clark W (William) D (David) - Private

Clark (Clarke) David - Private

Cook James C (G) - 1st Lieutenant

Corban (Carbin) Emanuel (Emanual) - Private

Culbrath (Culbreath?/Culburth?/Culbraith?) M - Private

Culbreath (Culburth) (Colburth) William J - Private

Culpepper Robert Jefferson ("Jeff") - Private

Curington (Currington) (Currenton) Dock - Private

Curington (Currington) (Currenton) Marion (W) J (I) - Private-5th Sergeant-Sergeant

Daniel J M (N) - Private-2nd Corporal

Daniel James M - Private

Daniel William W - Private

Darrell John - Private

Dauphin Daniel L. M. - Private

Davidson James T - Sergeant

Davis Albert Theodore - Private

Davis James - Private-3rd Sergeant

Davis T H - Private

Deche P H - Private

Dennison (Demson) James M - Corporal

Dorsett (Dorset) Phillip J (I) - Private

Dozier Elias - Private

Drake Patrick Henry - Private

Durell John - Private

Ellenberry L J - Private/Drummer

Engram (Engran) Edward C - Private

Fannin Daniel H (A) - Private-Sergeant

Fannin John - Private

Fannin (Fanin) T J (also J.T.) - Private

Farley R R - Private

Floyd John - Private

Folks (Falks) William Jerry - Private

Foster John T - Private-Corporal

Franklin Green Berry - Private

Freeman (Freman) J P - Rank Unknown

Garrett (Garrott) Henry - Private

Glover J - Private

Glover Nathan Fowler - Private

Gomellion (Gomillian) Henry C - Private

Gomellion (Gomillian) John Clinton - Private

Goodwin (Godwin) John Daniel - Private

Goodwin (Godwin) Samuel - Private

Govels E G - Private

Grantham Andrew J - Private

Grantham J. - Private

Hall David - Private

Hall John Madison - Private

Harral Benjamin - Private

Harris (Harriss) John H - Private

Harrison Benjamin - Private

Hartley William J - Private

Haslip (Heslip) K G (C) (J) - Private-4th Sergeant

Haynes D J - Private

Helms D Leroy - Private

Helton Peter - Private

Hendrix (Hendriks) (Hendrin) William H (A) - Private

Highsmith William - Private

Hill J J - Private

Hodges John Henry - Private

Holland David - Private

Holland Thomas E - Private

Hooks W J - Private

Hudson M G - Private

Hudson William F - Private

Huggins (Hudgins) W A - Private

Hughes James (Joseph) B - Private

Hunter John Thomas (L) (F) - Private-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Ivy (Ivey) (sic Irg) James W - Private

Jennings Archibald J - Private-Corporal

Jeter (Jaler) Jackson - Private

Jones M M - Private

Kendrick Joel ("Jack") C - Captain

Kendrick John A - 2nd Lieutenant

Kendrick William B - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant (transferred as Captain to the 46th AL CSA)

Kilcrease (Kilchrist) John J - Private

Kilpatrick D E - Private

Kilpatrick Daniel - Private

Kilpatrick David - Private

King (Kings) S - Private

Kirkland John - Private

Kirkland N C (J) - Private

Kirkland Nathan C - Private-Sergeant

Kirkland (Kirklin/Kirklan) James - Private

Kirksey Noah (M) Jackson - Private

Kirksey Washington ("Wash") - Private

Knight Cofield - Private

Lard (Laird) W J - Private

Larry (Lary) Samuel D - Private

Lassiter (Lasseter) William M. - Private

Lawson Thomas D - Private

Lee Benjamin - Private

Lee George Washington - Private

Lee J B - Private

Lee James Madison - Private

Lee James - Private

Lee John - Private

Lee Samuel Asberry (sic P) - Private

Lee William ("Will") Lundsford - Rank Unknown

Lenard Asberry C - Sergeant

Lock (Locke) Isaac L - Private

Long Joseph - Private

Lowe Stephen S - Private

Lowman John Frederick - 4th Corporal-2nd Sergeant

Majors David - Private/Fifer

Majors J J - Private

Malloney (Mallony) J B - 1st Lieutenant

Martin Alfred - Private

Mask (Mash) (Mark) William - Private

Matthew (Matthews) Elijah H - Private

McCutcheon W - Private

Merrell B. G. - Private

Merrell (Merell) B (Ben) J (G) - Private

Merrell (Merrill) G B - Private

Merrell (Merrill) Greenberry B - Private

Merrell (Merrill) Henry M - 2nd Lieutenant

Merrell (Merrill) Jacob P (T?) - Private

Merrell (Merrill) Thomas L - Private

Merrell (Merrill) William John - Private

Merrell (Merrill) William R - Private

Mersell (Merrell?) Benjamin G - Private

Messer James - Private

Messer John D - Private

Mills L S - Private

Moore R C - Private

Moss James D - Private

Murphy William H - Private-1st Sergeant

Myers D - Private

Nall (sic Wall) Joseph M - Private

Neighbors A - Private

Nordan John - Private

Nordan William Irvin (J) - Private

Oliver C C - Private

Owen Absolom J - Private

Owen J W - Private

Owen Jesse - Private

Owen Levi N - Private

Owen Zedeheah (Jedediah) (Zedikiah) (Hedekiah) - Private

Owen (Owens) E B - Private

Parish (Parrish) J J - Private

Parish (Parrish) John W - Private

Parish (Parrish) Michael Simpson - 5th Sergeant-2nd Lieutenant

Parish (Parrish) Samuel - Private

Price George - Private

Price Henry M - Private

Price James - Private

Price Mitchell - Private

Querry (Terry?) Z - Sergeant

Rayers (Rogers?) D - Private

Reeves R T - Private

Reeves Wesley - Private

Reeves (Reaves) Melow (Melvin) W - Private

Reeves (Reese) James - Private

Reeves (Reese) Joseph M - Private

Richburg (sic Richbury) William Middleton - Private

Riviere Richard D - Sergeant (Commissary)

Riviere (Raviere/Revier) R T (J) - Private-2nd Sergeant

Roach James - Private

Roberts J K - Private

Roberts John C - Private

Rodgers (Rogers) Daniel - Private

Sims S - Private

Sims William C - Private

Smith T M - Private

Solomon J Monroe - Private

Solomon James H - Private

Sorrels E S - Private

South Benjamin J - Private

Spear Thomas - Private

Stephens Isaac H - Private

Stokes R J - Private

Strickland Thomas Jefferson ("Jef") - 1st Sergeant

Taylor W B - Private

Terry Zebulon - 2nd Sergeant

Thompson James Lorenzo - Private

Wall Absolom (Absolem) - Private

Wall Gideon - Private

Wall Nathaniel - Private

Wall Thomas - Private

Wallis (Wallace?) H T - 1st Lieutenant

Waters Jeremiah (Jerimiah) - Private

Webb T J - Private

Welch (Weelch) William - Private

Wells Levi T - 3rd Corporal-Sergeant

Windborne H G - Sergeant

Wray L - Private

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