Company D Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company D of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company D of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved:

Agen John - Private

Aycock John S - 1st Corporal

Baker Joseph L - Private

Baker Joseph R - Private

Barber Milton - Private

Bayne (Bain) John T - Private

Bennett John G (S) - Private

Billingslea Clem G - Private

Black John W - Private

Bonner Samuel ("Sam") A - Private

Boyd Augustus A - Private

Bozeman Chelsey (Charles) ("Charley") Whitfield - Private

Brewer Frank M - Private

Brinson (see Brunson) John P - Private

Bryan Joseph F - Private

Bryan Preston H - Private-Corporal

Bryan William F - Private

Bryant J. D. - Private

Bryant (Briant) William - Private

Burnett James R - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant-Captain

Burnett James R - 2nd Lieutenant-Captain

Cadenhead Starling M - Private

Callahan (Calahan) John W - Private

Capp John S - Private

Capps James Tally (sic P/F) - Private

Carlisle Augustus A - Private

Carlisle George F - Private

Carlisle James M - Private

Carlisle Joseph (Joe) Alexander - Private-1st Sergeant

Carlisle Thomas Jefferson - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Carlisle William N (W) - Private

Carter John W - 3rd Sergeant-1st Sergeant

Causby (Cosby) (Casby) (Causley) William - Private

Chaffin (Chafin) William Alexander - Private

Chatfield George W - Private-Sergeant

Chatfield (Chesterfield) (sic Chafield/Chadwick) George H (sic A) - Private-Sergeant Major - 2nd Lieutenant-Captain

Cheshire (Creshire) John T (F) - Private

Clower Daniel F (A) (H) - Private

Cobb Lemuel W - Corporal

Cole James Nicholas - Private

Collins Walter - 2nd Lieutenant-Private

Collins Winston (Winson) - Private

Conger (Cauger) John H (A) - Private

Crook W H - 3rd Sergeant

Daniel David (Davis) N (W) - Private

Daniel Silas A (H) - Private

Dannon J M - Private

Daran (Davan) (Devan) John B - 3rd Corporal

Davis E Monroe (M) - Private - 2nd Lieutenant

Davis Henry H - Private

Davis Hiram Alonzo - Private

Davis James - Private-3rd Sergeant

Deas J M - Private

Dickenson (Dickinson) William Francis ("Frank") (L) - Private-Sergeant Major

Dowdell Algernon George - Private

Eady John W - Private

Easley Charles S - Private

Engram (Engran) Edward C - Private

Fagan Michael M - Private

Fannin Daniel H (A) - Private-Sergeant

Fitten John J (I) - Private

Flannagan Thomas Adam - Private

Folks (Foler) M J - Private

Foralis Charles P - Private

Foster Clark Walker (V) - 1st Sergeant-Ord Sergeant (Orderly Sergeant?)-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant-Captain

Fralic (Frolic) Charles T (F) - Private-Corporal

Frazer (Frazier) William A. J. - Private

Garrett W S - Private

Gibbs S W - Private

Grant (Grout) Oscar D (sic D D) - Private (Drummer/Drum Major)

Haley Jonathan - Private

Hall James A - Private

Hall William H - Private

Hanson Peter S - Private

Hargrove Henry P - Private

Hargrove Stephen P - Private

Harris (Harriss) John H - Private

Henderson Green (Greene) C - 2nd Sergeant

Hollifield Charles W - Private

Hopson James A - Private

Howard W Y - Private

Hubbard Calvin - Private

Hubbard S P - Private

Hueginson Green C - Sergeant

Hughes James (Joseph) B - Private

Hunt Parker - Private

Hunter John Thomas (L) (F) - Private-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Jackson (Jackerson) Melanchthon (Melancton) G - Private

Johnson (Johnston) Decker F - Private

Judkins (sic Jenkins) John C., Jr - Private-1st Sergeant-Private

Kendrick (Kennedy) James M - 1st Lieutenant-Captain

Kichen P P - Private

Kilcrease Andrew J - Private

Kilcrease (Kilchrist) John J - Private

Knebler (Kuebler) Jacob J - Private

Lamar Lucius M - 5th Sergeant

Lamar Thomas C - Private-2nd Lieutenant

Lamar (Lomar) (Lemar) Alfred G - Private

Lampkin (Lamkin) Winifield (Winfield) S. J. - Private (Assistant Commissary Sergeant)-Captain

Lester Sylvanus (Sylvester) (Sydrauns) C - Private

Lockhart W W - Private

Lowman James Walter Edmond - Private

Lowman John Frederick - 4th Corporal-2nd Sergeant

Many Andrew Jackson - Private

Maston M J - Private

McCarley Marcellus (Marcelius) P - Private-Corporal

McCarley William P - Private

McCormack (McCommack/McCormick) John W - Private

McMurry Dave - Rank Unknown

Merrell (Merrill) Thomas L - Private

Merrill Thomas H - Private

Mitchell George W (H) - 1st Corporal

Mitchell Harday (Hardy) - Private

Moor (Moore?/Moon?) G V. W. - Private

Moore G B - Private

Moore L - Private

Moore (Moor) (sic Moon) Asa J - Private

Morris William H - Private

Morris (Morse) Andrew J - Private

Moss James D - Private

Mullin Thomas J - Private

Mullin William H - Private

Murray Andrew J - Private

Muse Lewellyn H - Private

Muse Louis - Private

Nall J J - Private

Nall (sic Mall) S - Private

Neal David L - Private

Neal Vandy Marceullus - 3rd Lieutenant-2nd Lieutenant/Asst Surgeon

Neal Wilbur F - Private

Northen (Northern) Munsel (Mancil) (Mansel) (Manuel) - Private-Corporal

Norton W J - Private

Nunn Robert D - Private

Nunnelle (sic Number) Eugene Larvarsha (sic C) - Private

Ogletree W M - Private

Padgett Jeptha J - Private-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant-Captain

Parham James H - Private

Parish (Parrish) Jesse H - Private

Parish (Parrish) Michael Simpson - 5th Sergeant-2nd Lieutenant

Pharr Joseph S - Private

Price Henry M - Private

Puckett (Packet) (Pritchett) James T - Private

Redd Reuben (Ruben) B - Private

Redd William W (B) - Private

Reese (sic Ruse) Richard L - Private-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Reeves (Reaves) Melow (Melvin) W - Private

Renfro William J - Private

Reynolds J C - Private

Richards (sic Richmond) Andrew Jackson ("Jack") - Private

Robinson David (Daniel) O (C) - Private

Robinson Joseph D - 3rd Sergeant

Rodgers (Rogers) Charles P - Captain (Assistant Quartermaster)

Rundell Horace W - Private

Sanderson E L - Private

Shank Henry M - Private-2nd Corporal

Sharp Warren J - Private-Corporal

Shields James W - Private

Shields Robert G (W) - Private

Shields William H - Private

Shockley (Schockley) William D - Private

Shropshire John W - Private

Slaton Joseph H - Private-Sergeant

Slaton William Franklin - Captain-Major-Lieutenant Colonel

Slaton William T (F) - Private-Sergeant Major

Slaughter William G - Private

Smith Walton E - Private

Solomon James H - Private

Spence John P. K. - Private-Corporal

Sweeney John A - Private

Switzer John C - Private

Tatom (Tatum) Abner L (D) - Private

Taylor W B - Private

Teague R J - Private

Thomas Eugene W - Private

Thompson Francis Marion - Private

Thornby Robert - Private

Todd J - Private

Tucker Robert F (H) - Private

Tucker Stephen A - Private

Turner John Henry - Private

Vineyard John M - Private

Walker William R - 4th Corporal

Wall Absolom (Absolem) - Private

Waller Thomas G - Private

Walton William F (T) (P) - Private-3rd Corporal-2nd Corporal

Walton (Walston) John - Private

Weaver Larkin - Private

Wells David E - Private

Whatley James Monroe - Private

Whitbey (Whitby) Thomas Porter - Private

White James D - Private

Williamson Thomas F - Private-Sergeant

Williford (sic Wilford/Wifford) D (E) H - Private

Woodbarn (Woodham/Woodhamn/Woodhouse?) W A - Private

Woodruff Jesse - Private

Wynn John J - 4th Sergeant

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