Company E Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company E of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company E of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

The Flag of Company E, 37th Alabama Regiment, is shown at left

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved:

Alford James B - Private-Sergeant
Allen William L - Private
Alston Peter B - Private
Amburg F - Private
Armistead R S - Sergeant
Atwell Henry J - Private
Avant (Avunt) J W - Corporal
Avery (Avary) (Avera) John F - Private
Avery (Avera) William - Private-Corporal
Banter John V. - Private
Barksdale John - Private
Barksdale William - 2nd Sergeant
Barnes Jacob F - Private
Barnes William J - Private
Baxter John O - Private
Bellah P E - Private
Berry Ephraim J - Private
Bonner Samuel ("Sam") A - Private
Brazil Valuntine (Voluntine) (Valentine) (Volentine) - Private
Brewer J E - Private
Brinson (see also Brunson) Siring (Stirling)(Stiring) - Private
Brown Robert H - Private
Bryant (Briant) William - Private
Buntin Frederick - Private
Buntin James P - Private
Buntin Lodovick (Loderick) - Private
Buntin Thomas P - Private
Buntin William G - Private
Burt J J - Private
Butler James - Private
Butler Neil P - Private
Butler Robert R - Private-Corporal
Carter Seaborn (Seabourn) Green - Private
Castleberry J P - Private
Chatfield (Chesterfield) (sic Chafield/Chadwick) George H (sic A) - Private-Sergeant Major-2nd Lieutenant-Captain
Christopher Robert - Private
Clifton Anderson F - 5th Sergeant
Conrad (Coonrad) (Coonred) Powell T - Private
Cowart Seaborn (Seborn) J (I) - 3rd Sergeant
Cranmer (Cremer) (Creamer) (Creener) James D - Private
Devan John B - Corporal
Dickerson (Dickson) Elkaney (Elcany) (Elkany) (Elkem) (Elkona) - Private
Drupee (Dupree) (Drupree) I D - Private
Ducher (Ducker) J M - Private
Dunn John J - Private
Dupree (Drupee) (Durpee) J D - Private
Dupree (sic Dufour) John D - Private
Evans (Erwin) John W., Jr - Private
Evans (Erwin) John W., Sr - Private
Farris (Farniss) James M - Private
Fralic (Frolic) Charles T (F) - Private-Corporal
Frazer Benjamin - Private
Gay (Gray) (Guy?) Isaac W (N) - Private
Gilstrap (Gillstrop) Benjamin F - Private
Gilstrap (Gillstrop) John W - Private
Gilstrap (Gillstrop) William M (N) - Private
Grace Isaac N - Private
Graham James - Private
Graham James - Private
Graham Samuel - Private
Granger Ferny - 4th Corporal
Granger John (James) W - 3rd Lieutenant-Brevet 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant
Granger John, Jr Willis - Private
Granger Voltier (Voltair) Thomas - Private
Granger Washington T - Private
Granger Whit - Private
Green (Greene) Joel ("Joe") G - 2nd Lieutenant-Captain
Guilford J W - Lieutenant
Guy David A - Private
Guy Elijah - Private
Haralson R T (F) - Private
Harrell Henry - Private
Harrell John M - Private
Harris William J - Private
Harrison Rueben (Ruben) T - Private
Harrod Henry - Private
Havis (Hays?/Harris?/Davis?) W J - Private
Hays John W - Private
Hays (sic Haines) Calvin G - 1st Corporal
Haywood (sic Hagood/Hagwood) John H - Private
Holloway (Hollaway) John T (F) - Private
Howard James C (B) - Private
Johnson G (J) B - Private
Jones Green M - Private-Corporal
Jones William W - Private
Jowers James - Private
Kelly William R. Jr. - Private-Corporal
Kelly (Kelley) George W - Private
Kelly (Kelley) William - Private
Knight J S - Private
Lassiter (Lasseter) J B/R - Private
Lassiter (Lasseter) Young J - Private
Lock (Locke) David J - Private
Lock (Locke) (Lack) Joseph L (E) - Private
Lockhart J W - Private
McCook John Thomas - Private
McNeil (McNeal) John R - Private
Meadors (Meadows) John C - Private
Meadors (Meadows) Thomas W - Private
Meadows Micajah (Mikeja) A - Private
Meadows Richard - Private
Meese (sic Neese) Jesse - Private
Merritt Samuel H - Private
Messer John - Private
Moore James R - Private
Newman J W - Private
Nicholson John T - Private
Olive William - Private-2nd Corporal
Olive (Oliver) James A - 4th Sergeant
Olive (Oliver) Tolbert (Tobert) - Private
Parker William H - Private
Parker William H - Private
Parker (Park) William R - Private
Patterson A - Corporal
Paulk John J - Private
Peacock Timothy D (O) - Private
Pero (Pare) Thomas S. G. (S. J.) - Private
Pilgrim J C - Private
Pittman Elbert - Private
Pope Andrew Elton - 1st Sergeant-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant
Posey Lewis J - Private
Powell J G Lieutenant
Pridgeon (Pridgen) James L. Hill - Private
Puckett (Packet) (Pritchett) James T - Private
Purcell (Purcelle) (Percell) (sic Surcell) John E (G) - Private-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant
Renfro P. Forney - 4th Sergeant-2nd Sergean
Renfro William J - Private
Sellers (Sellars) James R. E. - Private
Shadrick Harrison - Private
Shank Henry M - Private-2nd Corporal
Shaver Wiley B - Private-3rd Corporal
Shealy (Shealey) George Washington - 1st Lieutenant-Captain
Singletary (Singleterry) James M (W) - Private
Singleton Flavius (Flevous) G - Private
Singleton Thomas G - Private
Skinner Thomas - Private
Skipper Jacob (James) L Captain
Smith Archibald - 1st Lieutenant
Smith Archibald ("Archie") W - Private
Smith J W - Private
Smith J (A) W - Private
Smith Joseph R 1st Lieutenant
Stapleton John (Jonathan) L - 2nd Lieutenant
Stockhart William W - Private
Strickland A M - Private
Stricklin (Strickland?) Samuel W - Private
Taylor William T - Private
Tedder (sic Yedder) Lawrence (Laurence) - 3rd Sergeant-4th Sergeant
Thrower Hezekiah (Hezekial) S - Private
Tindle (Tindal) Jackson - Private
Tindle (Tindal) Samuel C - Private
Tucker James Louis (F) - Private-Sergeant
Tucker Joseph - Private-Sergeant
Vickers Thomas - Private
Walker E W - Private
Walker G W - Private
Warlick Pinkney L (S) - Private
Watford John - Private
Weaver John F - Private-Corporal
Weaver Moses (Morris) T - Private
Whatley James Monroe - Private
Whitbey (Whitby) Thomas Porter - Private
White John B - Private
Wickers Thomas - Private
Williams David B - Private-3rd Corporal
Williams Watson - Private
Woodbarn (Woodham/Woodhamn/Woodhouse?) W A - Private
Woodham W. A. - Private

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