Company F Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company F of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company F of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved:

Abney Joel P - Captain

Adams J B - Private-Corporal

Allen John J - Private

Averyett William F - 3rd Corporal

Baker Willoby P - Private

Barfoot (Barefoot) (Bearfoot) Joel B (D) - Private

Bates Jefferson - Private

Baugh Lewis C - Private

Beasley H Thomas - Private

Beasley John B - Private-3rd Sergeant

Bledsoe E P (T) - 1st Sergeant-2nd Lieutenant

Bradshaw J J - Corporal-4th Sergeant

Brimm William H - Private

Brooks (Brook) Sterling (H) H (B) - 3rd Lieutenant-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Browder Hardy - Private

Browder J N - Private

Bryan Jacob - Private

Butler B R - Rank Unknown

Camp M (F) - Private

Carlisle Joel Malichi - Private

Carter Wiley J - Private

Castleberry James - Private

Castleberry P - Private

Castleberry (Castlebury) Isaac - Private

Cawley M (W) - Private

Christmas E C - Private

Cogburn Robert - Private

Cogburn W B - Private

Cogburn (Cogborn) W N (R) - Private

Craddock Joseph F - 3rd Sergeant

Crosby George W - Private

Davis D J - Private

Demman J G - Private

Dickenson Francis M - Lieutenant

Dorris H C - Private

Dorris (sic Darris) D J - Private

Dubose W W - Private

Dubose William Walton - Private

Dunn J M - Private

Dunn Uriah - Captain

Dunn W J - Private

Fagan B J - Private

Farmer R J - Private

Farmer William - Private

Farnell (Farnel) Robert Jefferson (G) - Private

Floyd A (J) J - Private

Floyd G W - Private

Floyd John - Private

Floyd (Floyed) J M (W) - Private

Ford Charles W (M) - 4th Corporal

Ford John Barton - Private

Foyer (Froyar) (Fryer) W H (A) - Private-3rd Sergeant

Frazer (see Foyer) W H - Private-Sergeant

Fulton James S - Sergeant

Gaines (Gaimus) W J - Private

Gelder (Gilder) Joseph M - 1st Lieutenant

Gorrell (Garrell) J F - Private

Grant H Augustus J. - 2nd Corporal

Grant P (sic D) Peola (T) Fillmore - 2nd Sergeant-1st Sergeant

Grantham Barney - Private

Grantham Henry H - Private

Grantham James M - Private

Grantham Richard Lewis - Private

Gray P (E) - Private

Gregg Jno. M - Private

Grey P R - Private

Grey R T - Private

Griggs J M - Private

Groatten James - Private

Grubbs H H - Private

Grubbs Henry H - Private

Hadaway Columbus L - 4th Sergeant

Hagler R L - Private

Halsel (Halsell) M V. B. - Private

Harris Richard Norfleet - Cadet Drill Master

Hartsell William C - 2nd Sergeant

Henderson Robert - Private

Hill Benjamin F - Private

Hill Charles W - Private

Hill Samuel (S) T (J) - Private

Hill U T - Private

Holder Robert - Private

Holmes J M - Private

Hood Moses - Private

Hooks James - Private

Hooks R M - 3rd Sergeant

Hough J P - Private

Hough T M - Private

Howard A - Private

Johnson C L - Private

Johnson John M - Private

Johnson Thomas - Private

Johnson (Johnston) J A - Private

Jordan James G - Private

Jordan (Jordon) W S - Private

Kelly Solomon - Private

Kelly Z - Private

Kelly (Kelley) Elias - Private

Kelly (Kelley) Jacob - Private

Kilpatrick J H - Private

Kitchens James - Private

Landrum (Landram) J A - Private

Lanier Nicholas - Sergeant

Lanier T. W. - Private

Lemons Enoch M - Private

Lession W. H. - Private

Linzey (sic Lindsey) James F - Private

Linzey (sic Lindsey) John J - Private

Louise J C - Private

Matthews H J - Private

Matthews T (P) M - 4th Corporal

Matthews (Mathews) Albert M - Private

Matthews (Mathews) James M - 3rd Corporal

Matuse (Matuce) (Matthews?) Charles - Private

McFarland James C - Private

McLauchlan Gilbert - 3rd Sergeant

McLauchlan (McLauchlin) Dougald - Private

Meredith W M - Private

Miley (Mily) (Wiley?) William - Private

Miley (Wiley?) F - Private

Moore Elisha C - Private

Murphy W H - Private

Murphy William H - Private

Nelson George W - 1st Corporal

Nelson William C - Private

Norsworthy John A - Private

Norsworthy (Norseworthy) J P (T) - Private

Norsworthy (sic Norworthy) Benjamin Franklin - Private

O’Hara John C - 2nd Corporal

O’Steen (Osteen) George Washington - Private

O’Steen (Ostun) Isaiah - Private

O’Steen (Osteen) James (Jones) - Private

O’Steen (Osteene) John - Private

Page Francis H (A) - Private

Parker A D - Private

Parker H - Private

Parker Rufus J - Private

Pennington Cincinnatus C - 2nd Lieutenant-Captain

Pennington E W - Private

Pennington F M - Private

Pennington T J - Private-2nd Sergeant

Post William - Private

Roach W H - Private

Robbins (Robbers) Sampson R - Private

Roberts Jesse A - 1st Sergeant

Robertson Nathaniel ("Nat") M - Private

Rogers Jasper - Private

Roland Ezekiel - Private

Rudder Jonathan M - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Scarbrough James W - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Scott Benjamin F (S) - 1st Lieutenant

Seagraves B F - Private

Sessions Isaac (J) W - Sergeant

Sessions Jasper - Private

Sessions William ("Billy") Harry (A) - Private

Shields J F - Private

Shields J T - Private

Ship (Shipps) L G (S) - Private

Snead W W - Private

Snead (Sneed) William H - Private

Spears Archibald ("Arch") C - Rank Unknown

Sperlin E - 5th Sergeant

Spirous Jasper - Private

Stanley J M - Private

Stephenson (Stevenson) Miles Bart (sic W) - Private

Stewart (Steward) W A - Private

Stokes C - Private

Taylor Jack W - Private

Thomas H B - Private

Thomas R D - Private

Thompson J W - Private

Thompson S E - Private

Vann G (I) W (V) - Private-(Assistant Commissary Sergeant)-(Assistant Quartermaster Sergeant)-Sergeant-Master Sergeant

Veal John O - Private

Watson William - Sergeant

Welch John - Private

Wiley (Wily) (Miley?) John - Private

Williams L J - Private

Williford J - Private

Williford (sic Wilford/Wifford) D (E) H - Private

Williford (sic Willford) W A Corporal

Wilson William Wallace - Private

Wright F P - Private

Wright J T (E) - Private

Wright M E - Private

Wright Thomas P - Private

Youngblood W - Private

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