Company G Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company G of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company G of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved:

Able (Ables) James M - Private/Regimental Ensign

Adams Talbot (Tolbert) - Private

Alford Augustus (August) O (A) - Private-1st Corporal-2nd Lieutenant

Aliel J M - Corporal

Allen Alonzo - Rank Unknown

Allen Jacob A -Private

Alston George Washington -Private

Alston Peter B -Private

Alston (sic Allison) Cicero F - Private

Avary Benjamin F - Private

Bailey C P - Private

Bailey K J - Private

Barrow James Belsonr - Private

Bartee (sic Barter) John R - Private

Beatty Daniel M - Private

Belcher (sic Belser) James B. - Private

Belcher (sic Belser) Starling V. - Private

Billups John A -3rd Corporal

Billups Richardson O -2nd Sergeant

Blair William -Private

Blakeley (Blakely) Warner W (M) -Private

Blakely John W -Private

Bonds John C -Private-4th Sergeant

Boone Joseph C -Private

Bradford S -Private

Bradford (sic Brdiford) Isaac (Isiah) J -Private

Brandon J W -Private

Brooks Floyd T -Private

Brunt (Brant) Hilliard -Private-4th Corporal

Bunn D B -Private

Bunn Robert H -2nd Corporal

Buntin James W -Private

Buntin T C -Private-4th Corporal

Burney (sic Barney) Sylvanus L -Private

Calhoun John J -Private

Callahan (Calahan) John W -Private

Cargile William Y -Private

Cargile (Cargyle) Charles J -Private

Carter Wiley J -Private

Childs John S -Private

Childs Thomas M -Private

Childs William R -Private

Cobb David B -Private

Cole Jesse G -Private

Conner Samuel N (M) -Private

Corder E S -Private

Corder James E -Private

Cotton (sic Cosper/Casper) George W (sic H) -1st Corporal

Crosby George W -Private

Culbreath (Culbreth) Newton ("Nute’) T -Private

Davis Albert Theodore -Private

Davis Augustus -Private

Davis George W -Private

Davis Henry -Private

Davis Jeter B -Private

Davis John S -Private

Elliott Andrew N (W) -3rd Sergeant

Evans Claiborn(e) (sic Clarkson) E -Private-Lieutenant-Captain-Major

Farris (Farniss) James M -Private

Ferrell (Ferul) Clarence R -Private

Floyd Hamilton (Hampton) S -Private

Frailes John T -Private

Frederick Peter C -Private-2nd Lieutenant

Freels (Friels) (Freebs) John T -Private

Freeman Franklin ("Frank") M -5th Sergeant

Fuller Allen -Private

Gantt (Gant) Levi N -Private

Garrett (sic Garnett) Matthew T (P) -Private

Going James A -2nd Lieutenant

Goodwin William -Private

Granberry Benjamin F -Private

Gray W A -Private

Griffin Houston L -Private

Griffin John G -3rd Corporal

Grisom J W -Private

Gunning (Ganning) William P -Private

Hadaway (Hodaway) James D (O) (C) -Private/Drummer

Hadaway (Hodaway) James H (M) -Private

Hamilton William ("Old Man") -Private

Hammock Robert J -Private

Hammock W L -Private

Hammond William T -Private

Hammonds Newton ("Nute") J -Private

Hannon J D -Private

Hardin Dillard -Private

Hardin Johnathan J -Private

Harman (Harmon) James -Private

Harman (Harmon) Leonard Walter ("Walt") -Private-3rd Corporal

Harman (Harmon) (Horman) John R -Private

Harmon Elias -Private

Harmon John D -Private

Harmon William Thomas -Private

Harrell Thomas ("Tom") W -2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Hart Robert E -Private

Haslip (Heslip) K G (C) (J) -Private-4th Sergeant

Hatterway (Holloway?) James D -Private

Haywood James -Private

Herring William H -Private

Hewitt (Hewell) James S -Private

Hill Hartwell Spain -Private

Hill Martin T -Private

Hindman James -Private

Hood D G -Private

Hough John Crawford -Private

Howell Thomas W -1st Lieutenant

Huff John Parham -Private

Hughes Ruful (Rubin) L -Private

Hunt Charlie W -Private

Hunt G W -Private

Hutchins (Hitchens) Richmond (Ritchmond) W -Private

Joiner James M -Private

Jones J M -Private

Jones William L -Private

Kent Absolom (Absolem) R -Private

Kent John (J) T (D) (P) -1st Corporal

Kent Richard J -Private

Leonard W -Private-3rd Corporal

Love Aaron E -Private

Lumpkin Francis G -Private-Sergeant

Maddox James A -Private

Mann Harrison -Private

Manning (Maning) T J -Private

Mask Hezekiah K -2nd Corporal

Massey Jasper -Private

McClarife William S -Private

McClure (McCluer) William H. H. -Private

McLain W L -Private

McLeroy William U (W) -Private

Meadors (Meadows) Dixon H. L. -Private

Meadors (Meadows) Henry F -Private

Meadors (Meadows) James H -Private

Meadors (Meadows) Jesse C -1st Sergeant

Meadors (Meadows) John C -Private

Meadors (Meadows) Thomas W -Private

Meadors (Meadows) William J -Private

Meadows B F -Private

Meadows R. -Private

Meadows Thomas J (W) -Private

Meadows (sic Meadors) Warner W Captain

Meadows (sic Meadors) Willis V (W) -Private-2nd Sergeant

Mitchell Robert L -Private

Moncreif Peyton (Payton) G -Private

Moncreif William S (F) -Private

Moncrief (Muncrief) Thomas - Rank Unknown

Moore John W -Private

Moore Miles -Private

Mop James O -Private

Morris John H -Private

Moss James D -Private

Napper William T -Private

Nobels (Nobles) Noah -Private

Olson C F -Private

Olson P B -Private

Owen Jesse -Private

Penn James W -Private-Corporal

Penn Thomas L., Jr -1st Lieutenant

Pool G Robert G. -Private

Pope William H -Private-Corporal

Prather Isreal W -Private

Ramage J O -Private

Ramage James B -Private

Ramage William W -Private

Renfro P. Forney -4th Sergeant-2nd Sergeant

Richardson B F (T) -Private

Richardson Gilbert H -Private

Richardson William ("Dink") White -Private

Robertson Sledge M -3rd Lieutenant-2nd Jr Lieutenant-2nd Lieutenant-Captain

Robinson Nathaniel ("Nath") M - Sergeant-2nd Lieutenant

Rogers Daniel (D) B (O) -Private

Rogers Jesse T -Private

Rutledge John Thomas -Private

Sadler Frank -Private

Sadler George ("Old Man") Washington -Private

Sadler Thomas ("Tom") -Private

Shaver J W -Private

Shaver Wiley B -Private-3rd Corporal

Shealy (Shealey) George Washington -1st Lieutenant-Captain

Shelly (Shealy/Shealey?) W E -Private

Simpson John L. H. -Private

Slaughter John M -Private

Slaughter Thomas J -Private

Slaughter William F -Private

Smith James J -Private-1st Lieutenant

Smith John M -Private

Smith N M -Private

Smith Thomas J -Private

Sorrels John B -Private

Stanley Alfoncis F -Private

Stearns Wiley H -Private

Summers John ("Jack") -Private

Tedder Hilliard -Private

Tedder Larkin Hill -Private

Tedder (sic Yedder) Lawrence (Laurence) -3rd Sergeant-4th Sergeant

Thompson Henry G -Private

Thrower Hezekiah (Hezekial) S -Private

Thrower James -Private

Thrower Lewis -Private

Towles William R -Private

Trent (SEE KENT) Richard - Rank Unknown

Tucke J. -Private

Upchurch Burton ("Burt") - Captain

Upchurch Calvin (sic Corlin/Corbin) -1st Sergeant

Varner Kinchin M -Private

Vernon John M -Private

Wallace James T -Private

Waller T S -Private

Warlick Pinkney L (S) -Private

Weaver John F -Private-Corporal

Wells Benjamin F -4th Sergeant

Williams Benjamin F -Private

Williams David Jackson -Private

Williams Paul J -Private

Williams T J -Private

Williamson Edmond Jackson -Private

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