Company H Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company H of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company H of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved:

Adams N W - Private

Albright Isaac (J) Knox - Private

Alexander Barron D - Sergeant

Anderson Eli J - Private

Asque (Askew) Benjamin A - Private

Bais (Biaz) (Baise) Rodolph (Redoff) - Private

Balger (Bulger) (Bolger) William H - Private

Barr Barlett S - Private

Bass Richard E - Private

Batchelor Council - Private

Beasley William H - Private

Beland J D - Private

Bell William T - Private-Capt

Bellah James W (M) - Private-Corporal

Braddy (Brady) John - Private

Bright Morgan A - Private

Brown W T - Private

Brown William Thomas - Private

Buck John - Private

Burgamy (Burgam) William - Private

Burt Thomas W - Private

Byrd William C - Private

Byrd (Bird) William C - Private

Camp Wiley M - Private

Carter George W - Private-2nd Lieutenant

Chaddock Joseph F - 3rd Sergeant

Chandler William L - Private

Charpin J B - Private

Clark W J - Private

Clark (Clarke) John Joseph - Private

Coat Simeon M - Corporal

Cockroft James William - Private

Cook Thomas J - 2nd Sergeant

Corbitt Robert M - Private

Corbitt William James - Private

Corbitt William S - Private

Corbitt (Corbett) Henry E - Private

Craddock Joseph F - 3rd Sergeant

Craddock Thomas H - Private

Creel John W - Private

Creel Joshua W - Private

Daniels Jasper - 3rd Sergeant

Davis Albert S - Private

Davis Jefferson Wielborn (Wilburn/Wilbourn) - Private

Davis William T (F) - Private

Dayton Hugh - Private

Deal Ezekiel - Private

Dennis John - Corporal

Dickens John J - Private

Dison (Dixon) Daniel D - Private

Donaken W W - Private

Dorsett (Dorset) Phillip J - Private

Downing Benjamin - Private

Draughton John R - Private

Dunn William J. E. - Private

Dyeas (Dias/Diar) William G. T. - Private

Edmondson James J - Private

Edmondson R P - Private

Edmondson (Edmensen) Thomas J - Private

Ellison William B (P) - Private

Elmore Andrew Jackson - Private

Elmore James K. P. - Private

Elmore John W - Private

Etheridge (Ethridge) Meshack M - Private

Evans Daniel Corporal

Farley Seth Sergeant

Filenghame (Fellingham/Fillingham/Fillingin/Fleming) Robert S - 1st Corporal

Flake Benjamin C (F) - Private-Asst Surgeon

Flours (Flowers) Gabriel - Private

Flowers Thomas H - Private

Foeller E J - Private

Foister (Foster) George - Private

Foister (Foster) James B. K. (also K.B.) - Private

Forrester Ben ("Barking Ben") - Rank Unknown

Gerrard Osker (Oskar) O - Private

Givens James Thomas (F) - Private

Glanton Joel (Huel) W - Private

Glanton William Henry - Private

Glover James - Private

Glover John R - Private

Glover John R - Private

Glover Samuel D. P. - Private

Glover William J - Private

Golden John T - Private

Golden Thomas - Private

Grace George Thomas - 2nd Corporal

Granton N H - Private

Griffin Thomas L - Private

Hamit (Hammitt/Hammett) James V - Private

Hammack Jesse Thomas - Private

Hartzog (Hartsugg) (Hardzog) William D - Private

Hasten Z (Zachariah?) - Private

Haywood (sic Hagood/Hagwood) John H - Private

Helder (Holder?) Harry - Private

Hemby Bryant - Private

Hemby (Homby) Levi - Private

Henderson Robert J - Private

Hendley (Hundley) Ephram T - Private

Hendley (Hundley) John H - Private

Herrell (Herrill/Harrell) James H - Private

Hoff Jno W - Private

Holder (Helder) Harry - Private

Holder (Houlder/Houlden) Ira (John) - Private

Holly (Holley) John A - 5th Sergeant-3rd Sergeant

Holmes Arthur (Arter) B - Private-Corporal-Captain

Hooker G W - 2nd Lieutenant

Hudgins (Hudgens) William F - Private

Huff John W - Private

Hurston Thomas - Private

James J - Private

Johnson Stephen E - Private

Jones Lenara (L) D - Private-Lieutenant

Jones Robert M - 4th Sergeant

Jones Solomon D - Private

Jones Thomas - Private

Jones William A - Private

Jordan (Jordon) James W - 3rd Lieutenant-2nd Lieutenant

Jowers James - Private

Kemly Levi - Private

Key William H - Private

King Berry J (F) - Private

Lafayette Charles - Private

Lewis George W - Private-Corporal-Sergeant

Lewis John R - Private

Lewis Stephen Bright - Private

Lingo Richard B - Private

Lonnergan P L - Private

Lunceford William P - Private

Mallard W W - Private

Marley H J - Private

Mathison (Matheson) George Washington - Private

Mathison (Matheson) James Levin - Private

Mathison (Matheson) John Wesley - Private

Matthews Isaac P - 4th Sergeant

McArthur James A - Private

McClendon (McLendon) Thomas M - Private

McCoy Joseph - Private

McKissack (McKeesack) (sic McKendell) Alford (Alfred) L - Private

McLain (McLane) (McLean) William T - Private

Mears (Merers) Ebenezer C - Private

Melton (Milton) George W - Private

Middlebrooks (Middlebrook) Elijah Edmund - Private

Miller Harry - Private

Miller William J - Private

Murphy B B - 2nd Lieutenant

Murphy G H - Private

Murphy James - Private

Murphy John N - Private

Norris Thomas S - Corporal

Owen Cornilias A - Private

Owen D P - 1st Sergeant

Phillips Emanuel M - Private

Phillips George A - Private

Phillips Thomas A - Private

Porter Alexander T - 2nd Lieutenant

Prescott Francis M - Private

Prescott John - Private

Raws R - Private

Ray (sic Raz) James G - Private

Reynolds Henry T (F) - Private-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Reynolds Marion (Marvin) A - Private

Reynolds Robert J - Private

Richards Benjamin F - Private

Richards Giles W - Private

Richards James M - Private

Richards Thomas B - Private-2nd Lieutenant-Captain

Richards William A - Private

Richey J F (T) - Private

Richey Louis D - 2nd Sergeant

Roberts James W - Private

Rodgers C P - Private

Roney (Rooney) James - Private

Seaborn(e) (Seaborns) William M - Private

Searcy James K. P. - Private

Searcy Lemuel (Limuel) D - Private

Searcy Marion (sic Marvin) C. J. - Captain

Sexton George Washington - Private

Sharpin (Sharin/Shipman) John - Private

Shipes Nathan - Private

Sims Ignatious (J) N (M) - Private

Singletary (Singleterry) (sic Singleton) Samuel ("Tuck")("Tup") Marion (L) - Private-2nd Sergeant

Singleton W - Private

Smith George W - Private

Smith Henry M - Private

Smith Jonathan B (A) - 3rd Corporal

Smith Needham (Needhan) (Neeham) P - Private

Smith Thomas L - Private

Snead (Sneed) John G - Private

Snead (Sneed) Joseph G - Private

Snead (Sneed) William H - Private

Solomon William R - Rank Unknown

Stanford Thomas H - Private

Stanley Hamilton (Hampton) A - Private

Staples Robert A - Private

Still Benjamin F - Private

Stokes James K. P. (J.P.) - Private-Corporal-2nd Lieutenant

Story L (R) C - Private

Stubbs George W - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Stucky (sic Stricker) Albert J - Private

Tarwick John - Private

Tate John S (E) - Private

Taylor Henry T - Captain

Taylor Joseph - Private

Thoms (Thomas?) John - Private

Thurman William H. H. - Private

Turner Andrew J - Private

Turner William H - Private

Ussery John C (T) - Private

Walker Cyrus C - Private

Ward John A - Private

Ward John W - Private

Watts Benjamin F - 1st Corporal

Weathers Henry M - Private

Weems William J (I) - 1st Lieutenant

Whitehurst Jesse - Rank Unknown

Wood John A - Private

Wood John W - Private

Wood Joseph - Private

Worthington Benjamin - Corporal

Wright Benjamin A - Private

Wright Elias - Private

Wright George Wesley - Private

Wright John N - Private

Wright Levin G (V) - Private-4th Sergeant

Wright Solomon - 1st Corporal

Wright Spencer - 1st Sergeant

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