Company I Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company I of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company I of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved:

Bandy William C - Private

Barber Alexander ("Alex") M (sic W) - Private

Barnes John H - 2nd Sergeant

Bartlett William W - Private

Beatty (Beatey) (Beaty) Francis A - Private

Beatty (Beaty) David M. - Private

Belcher (sic Belser) James B. - Private

Belcher (sic Belser) Starling V. - Private

Black Thomas D - Private

Bonner Samuel ("Sam") A - Private

Bowden Fred P - Private

Boyd Richard ("Dick") H - 3rd Sergeant

Boyd William M - Private

Boyles T J - Private

Bradbury (Bradberry) (Broadberry) William L - Private

Bradley Thomas - Private

Bradley W J - Private

Brady William - Private

Brooks Andrew J - Private

Brooks H A - Private

Brooks James (sic John) T (F) - Private-3rd Lieutenant-2nd Lieutenant

Brooks William B - Private-2nd Sergeant

Bryant (Briant) William - Private

Buck William F - Private

Burke Solomon G - Private

Burns B M - 3rd Sergeant

Caldwell Jackson (Jack) - Private

Caldwell John C - Private

Calhoun John J - Private

Callahan Andrew J - Private (Regimental Drummer)

Callahan John J - Private

Callahan William ("Willie") B - Private/Hospital Steward

Cansley William - Private

Carlisle Augustus A - Private

Carlisle George F - Private

Carlisle James M - Private

Carlisle Joseph (Joe) Alexander - Private-1st Sergeant

Carlisle Thomas Jefferson - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Carlisle William N (W) - Private

Causby (Cosby) (Casby) (Causley) William - Private

Cheshire (Creshire) John T (F) - Private

Clayton Henry D (C) - Private

Coggins Charles G - Private

Coggins (Coggin) Christopher C - Private

Cole (sic Coleman) Parker (P.) R (L) - Private

Collier William T (F) - Private

Collier (Collins) Thomas - Private

Corbitt William James - Private

Craft John (W) (N) - Private

Crayton Henry Clay - Private

Crayton William L. J. (L, Jr) - Private

Credille (Credile) (Cridelle) William H - Private-Asst Surgeon

Crook William J - Private-Corporal

Dalkert Phillip C - Private

Daniel James - Private

Davis Alex - Private

Davis Daniel - 2nd Lieutenant

Davis George - Private

Davis John S. N. - Private

Davis R H - Private

Davis William W - Private

Dean James T (F) - Private

Dean Joseph - Private

Dennis Richard J - Private

Dilcott P C - Private

Dormon (Dorman) William L - Private

Dormon (Dorman) (Darman) Wiley M - Private

Dunaway William J - Private

Echols Henry C - Private

Epperson George W - Private

Epperson Leonard J (P) - Private

Epperson William B - Private

Fry Simion (Simeon) - Private

Gardener George W - Private

Gardener James C - Private

Garlington H C - Private

Garlington John W - Private

Garlington Thomas C (T) - Private

Garlington (sic Carbington) Henry W - Private-Sergeant

Gibson William D - Private

Gilmer William Arthur - Private

Gilmore Wiley - Private

Gilmore William A - Private

Gilmore William J - Private

Gilmore William S - Private

Griffin Thomas J - 2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant-Captain

Gunter Isham M - Private

Hagaman John - Private

Hammack (Hammock) Benjamin Hampton - Private

Hammock (sic Hammond) William T - Private

Hammonds (Hammond) Matthew - Private

Harkness (Haskness) Robert J - Private

Harris Joseph Henry - Private

Harris (Harriss) John H - Private

Hemeter (Heweter) J - Private

Hill John C - Private

Holly G L - Private

Hunter Augustus A - Private

Hunter John Thomas (L) (F) - Private-2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Hunter Judson M - Private

Hunter Justus A - Rank Unknown

Hunter Quincy C - Private-Corporal

Hunter Thomas M - Private

Jarrell (Jorrell) James - Private

Jarrell (Jorrell/Jarrold) Joseph - Private

Johnson Charles L - 4th Sergeant

Johnson Thomas L - Private

Johnson William S - Private

Joiner F M - Private

Jones (sic Janes/James) Toliver (F) M - Private

Jordan Christoper ("Chris") C - Private

Jordan R - Private

Kierce Daniel - Private

Lamber (Lambert) Robert A - 1st Corporal

Lee James C - Private

Legan C A - Private

Lett J W - Private

Lett (Latt) James H - Private

Levarett J M - Private

Loftin William C - Private

Long Herman ("Harry") - Private

Looser C - Private

Looser Joseph F (T) - Private

Looser William C - Private

Loveless Malachi - Private

Lowe William C - Private

Lowry A B - Private

Mason James - Private

Matthew (Matthews) Elijah H - Private

Mayo John L - 2nd Sergeant

McCarley Amazia L - Private

McCarley Elias B - 4th Corporal

McCarley Marcellus (Marcelius) P - Private-Corporal

McCarley William P - Private

McCormack (McCommack/McCormick) John W - Private

McCormack (McCormick) George V - Private

McCormack (McCormick) Henry J (I) - Private

McCorney (McCorvey) John F - 1st Lieutenant

McDairmid (McDearmid) Whitfield ("Whit") S - Private

McDonald James A - Private

McLain John W - Private

McNamee (McNamie) James M - Private

McPherson Benjamin ("Ben") ("Mc") Franklin - Private

McPherson James P - Private

Merritt Isac (James?) - Sergeant

Mines M H - Private

Mooney Isaiah (Isaac) A - Private

Mooney James P - Private

Moore Bartholomew G - Private

Moore Benjamin F (T) - Private

Moore George W - Private

Moore James F (T) - Private-4th Sergeant

Moore Miles - Private

Moore Robert R - Ordnance Sergeant

Moore Robert R - Private/(Regtimental Bass Drummer)

Moore Robert T. - Private

Moorman James - Private

Moorman Michael ("Mike") - Private

Moorman (Morman) Thomas - Private

Morgan Lindsey J - Private

Muse Lewellyn H - Private

Muse Thomas - Private

Norris Josiah W - Private

Northen (Northern) Munsel (Mancil) (Mansel) (Manuel) - Private-Corporal

Norton Leonard F - Private

Norton S F - Private

Nunn George - Private

Osley (Ozley) William S - 2nd Corporal-1st Sergeant

Oslin John Wimblish - 1st Lieutenant/Surgeon

Parker Daniel - Private

Perry James O - Private

Phillips Joseph W - Private

Porter A N - Private

Porter Charles - Private

Powell Joseph R - Private

Powell William R - 2nd Corporal

Prather J W - Private

Rankin D W - Captain

Rankin Robert B - 3rd Corporal

Rea Cornelious - Private

Remley James - Private

Richards (sic Richmond) Andrew Jackson ("Jack") - Private

Riddle George - Private

Roberts Lucius C - Private

Robertson J M - Private

Robertson Nathaniel ("Nat") M - Private

Robertson (Roberson) Lloyd (Loyd) - Private

Seagraves (Segraves) (Scograves) Henry C - Private

Sessions Frederick ("Fred") L - Private

Sessions John - Private

Shank Henry M - Private-2nd Corporal

Shaver John F - Private

Shaver John T - Private

Shaver (sic Sharer) William W - Private

Simmons Newton - Private

Singer Abraham (Abram) - Private

Slaughter Ezekiel T - Private

Smith James M - Private

Smith Lemuel P - Private

Smith Thomas L - Private

Smith Thomas - Private

Smith William J - Private

Speer (Speir) Alfred A - Private

Spence David M - Private-Brigade Clerk

Spence Eli - Private

Spence John P. K. - Private-Corporal

Spratling William P - Private

Stamps George Rockingham Gilmer (sic A) - Private

Stamps Isaac Winston - Private-1st Corporal

Stanley Simpson M - Private

Still William (W) W (H) - 5th Sergeant

Talbot James A (L) - Captain

Talbot Sanders W - Private

Talbot (Talbert) Luke T - Private

Tarlington (see Garlington) S C - Private

Tebow Leroy L - Private

Thomas Eugene W - Private

Thomas James - Private

Thomas Walter - Rank Unknown

Tomlin Unknown - Private

Tucker John A - Private

Tucker Josiah A. S. - Private

Tucker Thomas N (A) - Private

Turner John Henry - Private

Uanden M W - Private

Walton William F (T) (P) - Private-3rd Corporal-2nd Corporal

Walton (Walston) John - Private

Waters Charles - Private

Watson John - Private

Wheeler Robert - Private-Corporal

Wilkerson William E. M. - Private

Williams James T - Private

Witter Alonzo O - Private

Wood Willis A - Private

Wooddy (Woody) Jonathan (John) T (F) - Private

Wooddy (Woody) Judson M - Private

Wooddy (Woody) (sic Woodbyn) Henry Britton (sic O) - 1st Sergeant

Woodyard James W - Private

Woodyard Jesse T - Private

Woodyard Rufus - Private

Wright William - Private

Wyatt (Wyette) Edwin H - Private

"McCURDY’S REBELS" Apparent Nickname Derivation: Edward Sellers McCurdy (1809-1866) had 79 slaves and about 4000 acres of land in 1860 and was the wealthiest man in Oakbowery with an estate valued at $150,000. (War Was The Place, Chattahoochee Valley Historical Society, Bulletin #5, No. 1961, footnote pge 119)

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