Company K Roster
Men known to have served at one time or another in Company K of the 37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry or its successor, Company K of the Consolidated 37th Alabama Infantry, are shown here. Variations in spellings of names are indicated by the use of parenthesis, with the most common spelling or use shown first. Names are in alphabetical order.

Detailed biographical information on each man listed here is contained in the BIOGRAPHIES section of this site.

LAST NAME (Variant Spellings), FIRST MIDDLE - Rank(s) Achieved:

Allisontrosen L - Private

Amerine (Amorine) (Amarine) John Porter Warner - Captain-Major

Amos Beverly ("Bev") (sic Ben) -5th Sergeant

Armstrong J J - Private

Baker Newton J - Private

Banks W J - Private

Barkwell Calvin - Private

Barnes W J (T) - Private

Barnes William - Private

Barron T F - Private

Bayne S P - Private

Blackman P - Private

Blafd (see W.P. Floyd as this name makes no sense) W P - Private

Boutwell Alexander ("Alex") - Private

Boutwell Irwin - Private

Boutwell W C - Private

Boutwell (sic Bothwell) Calvin - Private

Bowden J M - Private

Bowers (Bowen) William H - Private

Boyett (Boyed) (Boyd?) David B - Private

Bradley (Bradly) John W - Private

Brown J W - Rank Unknown

Brunson James P - Private

Brunson Josephus P - Private

Brunson J C - Private

Brunson J M. A. - Private

Brunson J P - Private

Brunson (Bronson) T W - Private

Bryan Andrew J -3rd Corporal

Bryan William Wright - Private

Bundy William B -4th Corporal

Bundy Willis - Private

Bynum P C - Private

Campbell Absalem (A) - Private

Campbell (Cammell) Abner - Private

Carlisle William - Private

Carpenter Franklin - Private

Carpenter Malone (Mahone) - Private

Carr E D - Private

Carroll James D - Private

Carroll John - Private

Carroll Marion W -4th Sergeant-3rd Sergeant

Carter Daniel T - Private

Carter R R - Private

Chancy (Chaney) John A - Private

Chatfield (Chesterfield) (sic Chafield/Chadwick) George H (sic A) - Private-Sergeant Major-2nd Lieutenant-Captain

Clower G H - Private

Clower James H - Private

Collingsworth E - Private

Corson (Coursin) (Courson) H H - Private

Corson (Coursin) (Courson) (sic Connson) John W - Private

Cotton Ben J - Private

Cotton Bryant H - Private

Cotton Jesse L (J) - Private

Crosby (Croskey) John - Private

Culbreath (Culbraith) Larken (Larkin) -2nd Corporal/Chaplain

Curtis F A ("Gus") (Augustus?) - Private-Sergeant

Curtis Robert C ("Cum") - Private-Ord Sergeant-1st Sergeant

Cuthbert <(Larken Culbreath?) L - Private

Daniel O - Private

Daniel (Daniels) Isaac (J) - Private

Davis James B - Private

Davis James M -2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Davis Jefferson Wielborn (Wilburn/Wilbourn) - Private

Dees G W -1st Sergeant

Dennis J A - Private

Dews T W Sergeant

Douglass (sic Dauflart) William - Private

Dubose E P - Private

Dudley Green J - Private

Ellis Nathan James - Private

Etheridge G W - Private

Fannin (Fanning) Joseph Brown -2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant/Surgeon

Flowers F H - Private

Flowers John C - Private

Flowers Silas R - Private

Flowers Thomas R - Private

Flowers W W - Private-Sergeant

Floyd William P - Private

Folkes (Folks) James P (D) - Private

Folkes (Folks) James Somerset - Private

Folkes (Folks) William A - Private

Fortune Elijah - Private

Fortune James - Private

Fortune J M - Private

Freeman A J - Private

Freeman John T - Private

Freeman J T - Private-Sergeant

Freeman Joseph (sic Josiah) G - Private

Gibson James P - Private

Gibson John A - Private

Gibson John James - Private

Gibson John P - Private

Gibson Mathew (Mathews) Van Buren - Private

Gibson Samuel Britton - Private

Gibson William Asa - Private

Goolsby (Goolesby) (sic Goldsby) W M - Private

Green Timothy - Private

Grimes Ephream - Private

Grimes Willis N - Private

Grimes William B - Private

Grimes John W - Private

Grimes (Grymes) George W - Private

Hill Benjamin A - Private/Asst Surgeon

Holder (Houlder)(Houlden) Ira (John) - Private

Hollis James P - Private

Holms (Homes) Henry N - Private

Holms (Homes) Jordan (Jewan) - Private

Huckabee Joseph B -1st Corporal-Private

Hudson J H - Private

Hulton W A - Private

Hutchinson (Hutcherson) William W. B. - Private

Hutto (Hutte) William J - Private

Johnson J R - Private

Johnson Jesse (J) M - Private

Jones Bird (Byrd) - Private

Jones Joseph (J) D - Private-2nd Sergeant

Jones James (J) M - Private

Jones Josiah -3rd Sergeant

Jones Lenara (L) D - Private-Lieutenant

Kerby (Kirby/Curby) Matthew (sic N.) (H) - Private

Kilcrease Andrew J - Private

Kilcrease (Kilchrist) John J - Private

Knight Franklin - Private

Knight G J - Private

Knight J T - Private

Knight R D - Private

Knight Thomas J - Private

Larkin Eleazar - Rank Unknown

Larry J - Private

Leach James M -1st Lieutenant-Captain

Lee E S - Private

Logan J P - Private

Logan N J - Private

Logan William J - Private

Manning William H (U) - Private

McCall A N (Allen N.) - Private

McCall W S (William Sanders) - Private

McClendon (McLendon) Thomas M - Private

McClure (sic McLever) J C - Private

McCullough Fielding W - Private

McCullough James Franklin - Rank Unknown

McCullough John Allen - Private

Moore John E -2nd Corporal

Morgan Marcus L - Private

Murphree (Murphrey?) E D -2nd Sergeant-Jr 2nd Lieutenant

Murphrey (Murphree?) R - Private

Nulgents H C - Private

Parten Thomas M - Private

Phillips W P - Private

Pinckard Carter - Rank Unknown

Reddock William M - Rank Unknown, Company Unknown (Probably Co. K)

Reddock (Riddick) James D -2nd Lieutenant-1st Lieutenant

Reddock (Roddick) (sic Reddoe) James S - Private

Rials (sic Rails) Jacob - Private

Roberts G (Green) S (C) - Private

Robinson James T - Private

Rogers J A - Private

Rowden (Routon) J M - Private

Sanders John R - Brevet 2nd Lieutenant-2nd Lieutenant

Sanders Martin - Private-Sergeant

Seal H M - Private

Simpler (Sampler) (see also Sunpler) William A - Private

Smith John T - Private

Starling (Sterling) William L - Private

Stewart John F - Private

Stinson Elerson - Private

Sunpler (Sampler?/Simpler?) William - Private

Telly T G - Private

Tidwell Jefferson - Private

Tildery (Tillery) S T (J) - Private

Tillery S. S. - Private

Tollard W H - Private

Watkins Martin Unknown

Ward R (Richard) G - Private

Watkins Martin Unknown

Watkins Wiley F - Private

Watkins (Wadkins) Jacob (J) W (C) - Private

Wgyron (Gyram) W. (see also W. Grymes/Grimes as this surname makes no sense) - Rank Unknown - Private

Whittington John T - Private

Whittington William - Rank Unknown

Wilson James - Private-Corporal

Windham William T - Private

Wood Benjamin - Private

Wood James - Private

Wood W W - Private

Wynn (Wynnes) James P - Private

Wynn (Wynne) Wm R - Private

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