LaFayette Sun
Transcribed by Glenda Brack and sent via email 25 May 2004 to Chip Culpepper

March 12, 1902 edition of LaFayette Sun (LaFayette, Chambers County, Alabama)

The LaFayette Sun
March 12, 1902

The 37th Alabama Regiment.

My Dear Comrades:

Never since the close of the war, in 1865, has there been such a general disposition to get up individual history of members and commands in the Confederate service.

We are beginning to realize that soon, ah! soon there will be no living witnesses to give evidence and relate incidents which occurred during those trying days.

We are proud of our history and doubtless every member of the 37th Alabama Regiment and children of those dead would like to transmit to their descendents and future generations a history giving the names and deeds of valor of fathers and grandfathers. I shall commence a history of the regiment in the first issue of the paper. Weekly Enterprise, in April 1902. I propose to give:

1. The organization of the regiment with roster of regimental officers.

2. Muster roll of Co. "A" with history of its organization and movements up to the day of regimental organization. A like history of each company in its order down to Co. "K" will follow. I propose to give our brigade and division organization. After this will follow a history of the regiment from the day the regiment was formed at Auburn, Ala., to the close of the war when we were surrendered at Greensboro, N.C.

Now, as I shall publish this history in detail, giving places, dates, accounts and descriptions of battles, etc., you will recall to mind many things that will be of interest, and I ask you to write same to me and I will include it.

Any incident that occurred during our time of service that you recollect, if you will send it to me, I will insert your name as author. Many of our comrades, who made as good soldiers as ever shouldered a musket, after returning home commenced the battle of life and have been successful in a business way. My dear comrades, did you know that the 37th Alabama Regiment never had a member shot for desertion or subjected to any harsh or severe punishment for lack of bravery or failure to duty? It is so, and we should be proud to transmit such history to our posterity.

I desire the present post office address of every surviving member of the regiment, also the name and address of the wives or children of those fellow comrades who dies or were killed during the war, as well as those who have died since. After getting up the history in our paper, we propose to put it in book form and furnish it to everyone who desires it at cost. We expect to have in the book the photograph of our old "Battle Flag" with her tattered folds, together with the likeness of all the officers from Maj. Gen. H. D. Clayton down, as well as the privates, if we can secure them and we expect to spare no pains or trouble in getting them.

My dear old boys, when you read this, write me at once and let me know your will and pleasure.

T. J. Carlisle, Lt. Co. "I" & Brig. Ord. Officer, Enterprise, Ala.


37th Alabama Regiment of Volunteer Infantry CSA
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