Sources and Contributors
Back in 1990, there was very little information available about the activities and members of the 37th Alabama Infantry. Since that time, through countless emails, letters and packages, the following individuals have provided a tremendous amount and variety of information from family records, photographs, service records, diaries and other primary and secondary sources. In all, more than 200 fellow descendants, researchers and other interested parties have contributed in some way to the collected body of work that is presented on this website.

In many cases, an individual has provided invaluable support simply by pointing out a potential new source, proofreading/correcting earlier errors, or otherwise assisting the editor in this project. For this assistance of time and material, the editor is extremely grateful.

This project would not have been possible without the research contributions, dedication, sources and resourcefulness of the late Rex Miller whose book DOWDELL’S VOLUNTEERS inspired the project, and also of Dr. Gerald Golden whose "FRIENDS OF THE 37TH ALABAMA" newsletters sparked the editor to try to learn more about the personal stories of the men of the 37th Alabama.

Correspondents and Contributors:
Allread, Gail Luker
Anderson, Karon
Anderson, Ray
Andrews, Charles
Armstrong, Jeff
Astin, Robbie
Baker, Nelda
Balkcom, Jerry
Bartley, Paul
Bateman, L.E.
Baxter, W. Lynn
Beard, Wayne
Best, G.B.
Bentley, Randy
Bozeman, James C.
Brack, Glenda - Thanks for sending so much information over the years about so many different men!
Brewer, James
Brightwell, Joe
Brightwell, Martha
Bryan, Buddy - Thanks for all your support, your friendship, and the server upgrade!
Bryant, Chris
Bryant, Louis
Buck, David
Buckley, Mark L.
Burgess, Karen
Burney, S.L., IV - Thanks for the lengthy memoir of your namesake!
Butler, Jessica
Caldwell, James

Carlisle, Jeff
Carnley, Randell
Carr, Chuck
Cauthron, James
Chastain, Doyle
Clark, Don
Clower, Kerry
Colvin, Charles
Cooley, Joseph
Cowan, Dr. Gary
Crowe, Tom and Ginny
Dalkert, Marcia
Daniels, Margie
Dawsey, Scott - I am so glad we met, and so grateful for the hours you’ve devoted to digging through records, and for your time on the road visiting cemeteries. We all owe you!
Dean, Arthur ("Buck")
Denard, Debra
Denney, Thomas N.
Dodd, Penney
Doris, Ray
Doughtie, Nath C.
Dunne, John
Durrell, James
East, Amanda, Christopher P. and Charles R. - Thanks to your family for all the photos of grave markers and for the information gained from the trips to those cemeteries to find and document the final resting places for so many members of the regiment!
Ethridge, Dian
Evans, Betty and Bob
Fannin, John F.
Fargason, Clifford
Flynt, Michael M.
, Sam
Fowke, John
Fowler, Elza
Fowler, James
Fox, Margaret Wynne
Frazier, James
Fryxell, David
Gamez, Robert
Gardner, Bobby
Gates, Karen
Gentry, Tracy
Gilbert, Dr. Jeffery

Golden, Dr. Gerald - There are no words for all you’ve done to preserve the memory of the regiment! You truly are the best friend the 37th Alabama ever had.

Griffin, Herb
- Thank you for sending "the box"! It kept me busy for 3 years.

Groh, Steve
Grubbs, Bob
Hagans, Sharon Balkom
Hall, Ron
Hambrecht, F. Terry, M.D. - Senior Technical Advisor to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine
Hammack, Larry
Hammett, Roy
Hardy, Michael
Harl, Van E.
Harris, Jim - Thanks for the diary!!!!
Hartley, Joell
Helms, David
Hemmes, Eleanor Greene
Hillis, Deanie Cooley
Hobgood, William
Holcombe, Cathy
Holland, Mike - in grateful memory of his shared work on the Holland, Antley and Forrester families of Company G
Hubbard, Douglas
Hudson, Debra
Huebner, R.J.
Huffman, Jim
Humpries, Gannon
Hutto, Joel
Johnson, June
Johnson, Mark
Johnston, John P.
Johnston, Robert C., Jr.
Johnt, Janice Merrill - Thank you for all the photos of grave markers from so many cemeteries!
Jones, C.B.
Jones, Jimmy
Jones, Ken - Thanks for all you do in making so much information available to so many people, and for always asking the tough questions!
Jones, Mike
Jones, Richard
Jordan, Danny
Jordan, Teresa
Kaufman, Charlotte
Kelley, Pam
Kinney, Rose
Kirkland, Bud
Kirkland, Lee
Lanier, Trish
Larkin, Jep
Larson, Roy
Lawson, Ron
Lee, Charles
Lett, William B.
Lewis, Bill
Lewis, Brian
Lewis, Jon M.
Lewis, William
Linzey, Bob
Mack, Steve
Malone, Huey
McAllister, Brenda Majors
McCook, Linda
McCowin, Teresa
McCrite, Carol
McGhee, Billy J.
McGinty, Jerry
McLane, Matt
McLane, T.L.
McLendon, Bob
McKnight, Judy - I’ll be forever grateful for you lending me your copy of DOWDELL’s VOLUNTEERS
Medcalf, Al
Milton, Sheila
Miller, Bill
Miller, Sandy
Mooney, Bill
Moore, Phillip
Moore, Ray
Mumford, Bruce
Neal, Elaine
Norman, Mary - A very special thanks to you and your UDC friends and supporters for the efforts to conserve the Battle Flag of the 37th Alabama!
Palermo, Karen
Parker, Buddy
Parker, Wes
Parks, Robert
Peacock, Randy
Perry, Sid
Pisors, Sharon
Pitts, Alan J. - Thanks for all the research, expertise and the ongoing dialog you’ve provided.
Porter, Tonia
Purcell, Doug
Richardson, Ron
Riley, Mike
Rubel, Bob
Russo, Elizabeth DuBois
Santi, Ann
Scaife, Bill
Schall, Sheryl
Schuller, Vicky
Sells, John and Laura
Shockley, Sandy Johnson
Shockley, Michael
Simmons, John
Smith, Walter
Solomon, William R.
Sorenson, Karen Oslin
Summers, Carl
Sumner, Cheryll
Swaringen, Ken
Taylor, James
Terry, Jimmy
Thomasson, Curtis
Upchurch, Stuart
Upham, Kathye Payne
Waddell, Debbie
Wagner, Sybil Griffin
Walsh, Ruth Hasten
Walton, Dan
Watanuki, Brenda Best
Whatley, Mike
White, Richard
Whitehead, Kenneth
Williams, Greg
Williams, Ron
Wilson, Lacy
Wilson, Matt
Womack, Farris
Wood, William Greg
White, Bob
Yeager, Ron
Additional thanks to:
Dwayne Cox, Joyce Hicks and the research staff of the Special Collections & Archives Department of the Auburn University Libraries, Auburn, AL

Bob Bradley of the Alabama State Archives, Montgomery, AL

And to all the participants at the Alabama in the Civil War online message board

And thanks for the correspondence from these e-mailers who may or may not be duplicated in the list above:
USERNAME: "amber"
USERNAME: "bcorb"
USERNAME: "Creandberry
USERNAME: "Debdinkboo"
USERNAME: "Jsouth"
USERNAME: "Neelhtak"
USERNAME: "SJaneane"

Other Sources and Resources:
Alabama Department of Archives and History, Montgomery, AL
Auburn University,
Special Collections & Archives Department of the Auburn University Libraries, Auburn, AL
Chattahoochie Valley Historical Society, Valley, AL
National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC
National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Frederick, MD
Troy Public Library, Troy, AL

Online Sources and Resources:

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